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Rutabaga the Adventure Chef by Eric Collosal

A culinary hero is born! Rutabaga the adventure chef falls in with a bunch of dragon slayers, intent on finding fame and treasure. But all he wants to do is find the choicest ingredients in the land.

Along with his new friends, his fold-out-kitchen-in-a-backpack and his trusty old Pot (a walking pot that might remind Terry Pratchett readers of Twoflower's luggage), Rutabaga takes on his first set of adventures. He will have to steal from a protective dragon, save an exotic pet with a mysterious diet, compete with a cranky old chef and avoid being eaten by a ravenous horned beast. Occasionally he will stop to make and explain a recipe. Mostly these are made up of fantastic ingedients such as ghost mushrooms, bloodberries and king's head squash. For those wanting to try themselves, real recipes for chocolate dragon claws and the like are included in the back of the book.

This witty and clever new series deserves lots of attention. It would make a good alternative for fans of Phoenix comics, but also Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates, etc. And if you're a budding chef and fan of fantasy, meet your new favourite hero. Let's get cooking!

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