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Goth Girl & the Fete Worse than Death by Chris Riddell

If there is one thing better than a book illustrated by Chris Riddell it is a book written and illustrated by the aforementioned Mr Riddell. Here we have the second of his Gormenghastly Goth Girl series in which we are introduced to a host of new characters, including Ada's wardrobe assistant Marylebone and the members of the Attic Club who could be the Baker Street Irregulars in the hands of a lesser author.*

There is also more lurking in the shadows from the long serving butler Maltravers; he is surely up to no good. The gardens are thrown open for the summer fete, which allows all kinds of suspicious types and a few celebrities in for the cake baking competition that must deplete the ingredients from the shelves of any fine grocer outside the M25 in the months of June and July.

Replete with witty literary allusions and references where nothing is sacred, it will bear many repeated readings.

Another beautifully crafted volume to keep alongside your most precious artefacts and treasures on your bookcase. Ribboned, bound with silver-foiled endpapers, foiled edges and generously illustrated throughout with a beautiful mini biography of our favourite Bolivian bear.

* Do you really mean that? Ed.

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