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Usborne Picture Puzzle Book

Ah Usborne. With your latest Picture Puzzle Book you are really spoiling us. It's been a long time since a spotting book gave me so much enjoyment, and really I'm not the target age for this kind of thing. But the pictures are so pretty, the animals are so brightly drawn, and the colours are so zingy that it's impossible not to have fun while reading this. Ideally you should have a 3-6 year old in the vicinity to share the joy, but it's not obligatory. You can just look at it on your own on the tube, which is what I did.

Later on I shared it with a 3 year old and she was much better at spotting things than I was. Warning; the smallest snake is particularly difficult to find, and you won't sleep until you've located it, so my advice is to start searching before breakfast.

A triumph. You really can't manage without this book.

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