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-protected thank you lotuspsychje, i will try it Shmam: cool, hope you solved it mate What version of ubuntu do you guys use with WSL? Is 16.04 stable enough? i am in kubuntu right now. what is the best way to install texlive? is there a way i can do this with apt? xguru: 16.04 is stable but i think it's not that good i don't have any problems with it, but if you already have some trouble, you can still upgrade to 18.04 LTS it seems like apt doesn't want to install the package. i run apt-get install texlive-full but i get an error that 'texlive-full is already the newest version.' jnewt: so, you are on the stable 16.04? Yeah, i have no issues w/ 16.04 but i just want to make sure my microsoft subsystem and stuff is stable before i change over to it kroson: correct jnewt: 16.04? should be stable but in few weeks, 18.04 comes out Ben64: I was thinking 18.04 but I guess not. so if you have problems with 16.04, i don't recommend you to upgrade to 18.04 right. jnewt: well, go to your update manager, it should tell you about 18.04 kroson: its LTS. it's supported for 5 years kroson: you just can't upgrade to it directly Ben64: even with LTS, there is still a risk of breaking your system when a security update is released if you're running 16.04 and want to stay on 16.04, you don't need to upgrade to 18.04



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Softube Saturation Knob Aax Plugin Crack Zip

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