Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow


All of us at The Alligator's Mouth loved Wolf Hollow. This is a tale both thrilling and thoughtful, full of moral complexities. Comparisons with To Kill A Mockingbird are justified.


The year I turned twelve, I learned how to lie.

I don’t mean the small fibs that children tell. I mean real lies fed by real fears – things I said and did that took me out of the life I’d always known and put me down hard into a new one.


It all begins in the summer of 1943, in a place a long way from war and yet haunted by it, in a community hiding prejudice and fear. Annabelle has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life: it’s a quiet place where Anabelle has never had any reason to be afraid. But when cruel, manipulative Betty arrives in town, Annabelle's calm world is shattered, along with everything she's ever known about right and wrong. Then Betty disappears and suspicion falls on strange, gentle loner Toby, a shell-shocked veteran.


As Wolf Hollow turns against him, and tensions quickly mount, Annabelle must do everything in her power to protect Toby - and to find Betty, before it is too late.


Wolf Hollow has struck many booksellers and readers as an inheritor of the traditions of American writing exemplified by Harper Lee. Powerful, poignant and lyrical, Wolf Hollow is an unforgettable story about growing up and facing the many difficulties of adulthood; not least the realisation that the ties that bind are also often the roots of our deepest communal intolerances.


‘Harper Lee has a worthy successor. Wolk is a big new talent.’ – The Times

‘”Wolf Hollow” is beautifully written, with spare, simple language perfectly suited to its subject and setting… masterfully balancing a mood of aching regret with an electric sense of ominousness.’ – The New York Times