Refugees is a book of two voices. The first one sees the people fleeing from war and persecution and asks, Why here? Why my country? It is a feeling many people share. It is one of fear and suspicion. But when you read the text the opposite way, a new voice emerges. It says, Why not make them welcome? Why not share the things we have?


'Both the Brian Bilston poem Refugees and his consequent children's book with artist José Sanabria offer empathy, simplicity and genius. If words and minds can be so brilliantly reversed, why not the systems and policies inflicting such cruelty in our world?' --Shami Chakrabarti

'This clever and important poem is a powerful reminder of the need to challenge misconceptions and hostility. It shows the importance of seeing the full story and challenging negative narratives. Sadly refugees often face difficulties in their search for safety but clearly there is also much compassion to be found, and real support for people who have faced unimaginable hardship to find safety. This beautiful picture book is a good way of introducing children to this complex issue.' --Dr Lisa Doyle, Director of Advocacy at the Refugee Council

Refugees - Brian Bilston


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