Jill and Dragon

Jill and Dragon


Jill and Dragon by Lesley Barnes


'...and they all lived happily ever after...' At least, that's what Jill's story book tries telling her, but Jill can't help noticing that at the end of the story, one character looks far from happy. Dragon is despised by the King because all he can do is singe, burn and barbeque. So in an attempt to see her fairy tale ringtrue, Jill invites Dragon out of the book so she can teach him some alternative life skills.


Dragon throws himself into all of Jill's favourite things: flower arranging, fashion styling, playing the trumpet, and hosting a tea party, with disappointing results. When it seems like all hope is lost, Jill and Dragon discover Dragon has one very unique, and palatable, hidden talent...


A stunning debut from an exciting illustrator, Jill and Dragon introduces a feisty, independent-minded new character in Jill, and reminds us that everyone has a talent, however well hidden.

  • Hardback