Find Out! Ancient Egypt

Find Out! Ancient Egypt


Discover Ancient Egypt with this children's book full of photographs and illustrations, fascinating facts, and engaging challengesfrom the creators of, DK's free online resource for kids.

Did you know that ancient Egyptians used lettuce as a food, a medicine, and an offering for the gods? Or that Tutankhamun's tomb contained several pairs of royal underpants? Find out why!

Perfect for young readers who want a highly visual reference book to increase their history knowledge, DK findout! Ancient Egypt is sure to inspire the next amazing school project or history report. Inside, author Dr. Angela McDonald breaks down Ancient Egypt, including who lived there and why they're so important.

With this DK findout! book, you will:

- Learn all about the ancient Egyptianswhere they lived, what they wore, and which jobs they had
- Meet pharaohs, such as Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, and Ramses the Great, and see how they ruled
- Explore maps of the Egyptian Empire and the Nile River
- Read an imagined interview with Cleopatra II, Egypt's last pharaoh
- Discover why pyramids were built, how mummies were made, and which gods the ancient Egyptians believed in
- Experience how children lived in Ancient Egypt by playing a board game
- Hear from real-life Egyptologist Barry Kemp, who excavated and studied the ancient city of Amarna
- Fold out the cover for an Ancient Egypt quiz and timeline
- and find out much, much more!

The DK findout! series of kids books helps children become experts on their favorite nonfiction subjects, from dinosaurs and ancient civilizations to space, coding, and cutting-edge technology.

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